Ep. 125: Coach Danny's Upcoming Conjugate Method Style Program

Coach Danny's upcoming Program starts October 4th
Dave Yandel
December 21, 2020

This week on the podcast, Coach Dave sits down with Coach Danny to discuss his upcoming program surrounding the Conjugate method style programming. Tune in to listen to what's coming and what to expect! 


You're listening to the peak performance podcast, a podcast about fitness, wellness, rehab, recovery, and all things relevant to keeping you at your peak performance. Each episode we talk about things that are relevant to our gym with our members and overall observations from our day to day coaching and running our box. Our goal is to educate our listeners on things that are relevant to living a healthy lifestyle inside and outside of the gym. Be sure to subscribe to our show anywhere you get your podcasts you never miss an episode. Also, give us a rating a share and like our podcast to help us get out and reach more people. Now, here's your host, Dave, and Korean. Alright, everybody, welcome back to another episode of the peak performance podcast. This is Episode 125. And I'm coach Dave. And today I'm joined by a very special guest, coach, Danny, how's it going, guys? And Corrine is not with us today. So it's just gonna be the two bros gone at it. Two of us. Danny, before we get into what we're going to be talking about today, I want to ask you a question. So my question to you, again, is our question to you, Danny is what is your favorite thing about coaching? My favorite thing about coaching, I actually think both is a lot. My favorite thing about coaching is seeing people progress, right? So it's a big mentality thing, where, you know, you can come in and get the work done workout. But that instant gratification isn't there. And I feel like a lot of people do want that instant gratification, then you'll see some members, they'll come in for months, and they'll see progress. It's not instant gratification. But that, that I know that those months were hard to get there. Yeah, right. So a lot of people are missing that, like, there is a process. So it really fires me up when someone is actually you know, going through the whole process and getting their progress, which is really fires me I've seen people, you know, get to where they want to be. Yeah, I can agree with that. I that's probably one of my favorite things, too, is like, like you said, it's like taking them through the process. And then all of a sudden, you see that, like, click kinda usually happens, like, maybe two to three month period. And it's like, all of a sudden, all the movements start looking better. And it's like, oh, there it is. That's what we've been trying to do. It's really cool to see that. Awesome. Alright, so I asked you to come on this podcast, because we have a big announcement to make, don't we? We do. Yeah. So October 3 is when we're planning to have this kind of kickoff, which will be a Monday. And we're gonna take this off for weeks of October. And yeah, the big announcement, basically, we kind of been leaking it in the class, but this is officially going to be coming out here soon. So the official announcement is that you've got this program that I asked you to put together and kind of give to the members. And yeah, just have you kind of talked about that. So what is this program that we're doing? So yeah, this program, it's a deadlift slash lower body cycle, we're going to be working on a almost like off brand conjugate method, because with conjugate method, if you're not working at Westside, you know, with Louis Simmons, the guy who created this was not really conjugate. So I've heard that everywhere on YouTube and stuff. So when it comes to conjugate, we have a couple different methods to work, right. So that max effort method and repetition method and your dynamic effort method, there's all these things are going to kind of play into our lower body and deadlift cycle and the whole thing. The whole purpose of this is to build our one rep max on our deadlift and just work under strain and you know, work more with heavier weights rather than a whole lot of repetitions, which most of our members are used to because of the nature of CrossFit. This is bringing it back to kind of old school, power lifting and very simple but effective. Okay, so what's the main I guess? What's the what if somebody wants to do this? Why would they want to do this? So like I said, in his lower body, so if you are trying to transfer this into CrossFit, you know, are very, very leg heavy, trunk heavy. This is going to build your hamstrings, your quads, your glutes gets really nice and thick on the bottom so you're able to support you know, everything you're doing. I like Sorry, I had to mute my, my other computer here. Alright. So yeah, so it's gonna, you're saying it's gonna help them get better at their Olympic lifting. Yeah, that's the idea. You build that lower body, that's the base and then everything else should come from there, especially that pulling strength pulling from the ground. Alright, so you mentioned three different types of things you're gonna be focused on, you said dynamic, you said strength and then use repetition. So let's go one by one through this. And you give a little rundown on what we mean by that. So if we're doing a dynamic day, what does somebody What does somebody looking at with that? Yeah, so our dynamic effort day, that's going to be on the third day of the week, every week of these four weeks. So basically, the dynamic effort method of training, it's defined as lifting a sub maximum weight at maximal effort. By training to move a submaximal weight with as much velocity as possible, you're going to be developing greater force output, then they would be lifting a heavier load slowly, right. So basically, the name of the game for dynamic days is speed. Once you can figure out you know, you can pull faster on these lighter weights, you're going to be able to pull a lot faster on those heavier weights. So that's going to be that dynamic. I like it. Okay. And then our strength day, what would be a strength day? Yeah, so that's strength day, that's going to be our max effort day. And so on max effort days, we're going to be focusing on larger sets and lower reps. Alright. So with those low reps comes heavier weight, the max effort method focuses on teaching a lifter to strain under a heavy load, typically 90% of your one rep max, right. So it's going to be for the deadlift, for this case, you're wondering max on your deadlift, you do this by exerting maximum effort into a single heavy Rep. The lifter is going to develop strength, muscular coordination, neurological development, and it's going to be without relying on or inducing muscular hyper hypertrophy. Yeah. So working at those lower reps, and working with your 80 90% of your one rep. Max is going to teach you how to really keep your technique and form. You know, while you're doing these very heavy lifts, vaccinium, straining under all these lifts. Yeah, and if anybody's ever lifted, I mean, when we lift 80 90%, it's a very heavy lift. Yeah, you don't want to be doing those necessarily for for reps all the time. But when we're doing technically sets of lower reps, and we're going at that that's really how you build that strength because you're doing it multiple times. Do you foresee that, that people are most likely their one rep is going to go up? Oh, definitely learned learning how to just kind of control their body with all that strain is just going to help them in the future. You know, once they do start going for these winter maxes and other other different lifts, just holding it together and not falling apart when it does get challenging. So then, the third day, we're talking about a repetition style day. Explain to me what that is. Yeah, so the repetition method day, that's going to be your second day of the week. And with this day, you're going to notice a more traditional bodybuilding style of workout on these days, we'll be focusing on bringing up lagging muscle groups needed to progress our overall one rep max on our deadlifts. Now, I know it is a lower you know, deadlift body cycle. But I did throw in some shoulder pressing some chess right just because can't completely forget about those. Right. So it's more traditional bodybuilding, kind of just getting a pump and, you know, growing those muscles, those tiny muscles is what we need to really, you know, advance on one rep max. Yeah, I think a lot of people tend to think like, well, if I'm gonna be doing deadlifts, why am I doing a strict press, when it's like, well, the strict press is going to develop the ability of the shoulders to support the bar when you need to pull back and squeeze right in, because that's one of the first thing you got to do, you got to be to hold on to that bar. And when that bar is over 400 pounds, I mean, you got to be able to hold that your shoulders can't just give out. So you got to develop the upper back muscles, then in the lats are so heavily used in the lower end of the deadlift. So it's super important that we build those so let's take me through or us through and all the listeners through like a like maybe one week, like a one week cycle, how that how that would play out on like, maybe a programming side of it, like what's, you don't have to necessarily give us reps? You don't have to give this person like super crazy, but like just a rundown of like, how would how would one week layout for us? Yeah, of course. Um, so I'll go ahead and talk about week one. Alright, so just kind of, there is a progression to this, we are starting a little, you know, slower than building up. So I'll start off with week one. week one, if you guys have been coming to classes, you've noticed that there is warm ups, you know, six minute hammer ABS round, like three, four rounds of certain exercises. So we're still keeping that within the, within the program, just because everyone kind of warms up differently. So if you want to go you know, as hard as you want on that warm up, you want to take it back, it's gonna be there. And for the most part, all the exercises in the warm ups are going to be loosening up our hips, our lower back, getting our glutes and hamstrings primed all that stuff. So there's always going to be some type of zone six minute amrap or a couple rounds of something just to get us loosened up from there. So it's going to be your day one, right, so day one, you do your amrap then you're going to go ahead and work on your deadlift. So we're going to build up to our 90% of our deadlift and then kind of Just straight from there, each day is gonna have three exercises. So like I said, it is very simple, right, but it's if you follow the RPS, and do what you need to do, it is going to be a very intense workout session. Right? So, like they want do deadlifts right, after you get the main lift out of the way, you do have a supplementary lifts right to the to the main lift. So it'd be a barbell row after your barbell row, you'd have glute bridges, right? So each exercise is building on the last one. So three main three lifts, right, you got your main lift, your supplementary lift, and then your accessory, and they're all to help the one that you just did. Alright, so that's going to be a basic day of that. I know it sounds like very little. But like I said, if you listen to RP is one thing we didn't talk about was, I did say 90% of our wondering max. So for the whole program itself, rather than focusing on, you know, 90 percents and 80%, we're going to go by RPS, right, so every day, you can feel your nine on one day, right? If you one out of 10, if you feel like a nine, it's going to be different another day, right? So we're always going to be following Rp. So if you follow the RP is how it's said, it's gonna be very intense workout right? after the workout, we still have that mobility, because you know, we don't want to be as sore as, as we want to the next day, kind of get better at there. Right. So that's gonna be your max effort day, really just pulling your second day is going to be that repetition. And with this, like I said, we're just throwing in some exercises to focus more on those little body muscles and get those big. And that's like I said, more traditional bodybuilding day. Once you get to your third day, that's going to be that dynamic effort day. And there is you'd have the same thing, you have your main lifts your supplementary lift, and then your accessory. But like I said, How I explained the dynamic effort day, your main lift is going to be focused on speed. Alright, so it's not going to be a deadlift, it's going to be some variation of a deadlift, every main lift for each day is going to be a variation of your deadlift. So for week one, day three, it'd be for example, Romanian deadlift, right. So it's not the deadlift, but it is just a variation to work the hamstrings, get the glutes, you know, a lot stronger. Like I said, same three, lifts and mobility, right. And so, yeah, it sounds sounds simple, but it's going to be very beneficial. Learning how to use these differently your speed and your maximum strength and learn how to use your body to its full potential and taking it out to wherever you want to take it out. Yeah, and I think the cool thing about this program with the four weeks is, is the the typical crossfitter in me says, well, we're supposed to mix up these movements and not do repetition, like repetitions the enemy. However, when we're talking about a strength base, like when you want to go strength, you do have to repeat those moves. And like you, you build upon the last one. So if you did like you set now if you're if you're, if you did, you know, an RP seven, the one week well, okay, now we're going to be testing that again, the following week, we're going to try to go a little bit heavier. I mean, that's the point of it, that and that's how you, you get stronger when we go in cycles. And we've been doing cycles. So I think our gym kind of gets that we've been really doing like, you know, we've done strict press cycles and the push press cycle. And actually, by class, we're in a deadlift cycle, which will end here coming up. So it's actually a good timing for them to kind of like, Alright, let's see, you know, because we're not necessarily going super crazy heavy in class, but this is going to be another good, good month to really kind of get that out of the way. And the deadlift transfers over, which is awesome. How do we proceed this program being laid out? Like, is this going to be on our own? How are we running this, Danny. So just like on if you remember, you know, we have sugar wad. So it's going to be three days out of the week, you'll be looking on your watch to kind of see what workout you're going to be doing. The first two days of the week, you're going to be on your own coming to the gym, do it kind of just followed in the back somewhere. Once we get to that third day, I'm going to try to just have, have you guys come in on a Saturday, and we will all kind of work together in the class environment kind of coach you through more specifically how we're going to be working those dynamic effort days, right, because that's going to be that third, third and final day of the week. And then we'll talk about you know, if you are going to be jumping into classes with the other members that aren't in the program, we're going to talk about what you should be doing and what you should be kind of holding back on because the program itself is very, very heavy on you know, the legs and all that right. So we don't want to make it a detriment, you know, you jumping into classes and coming back into the program. Alright, so we're going to be talking about just how to be safe and be as most efficient as we can with this program and the classes together. Awesome. So the way I'm hearing it and just to reiterate to people, so they're gonna it's gonna be a program where they get their three workouts in sugarwod for the week. The idea is the first two days, they would go in order, right? We'd want them to do, you're going to specify day one, they don't just choose like, Oh, I want to do the dynamic today. They're going to do whatever day one you tell them to do. And then so that'd be on their own day two is also on their own, and they get to pick the day of the week, they want to do it. And then Saturday is going to be the day that you meet up with the group in the program, and actually coach them through it. Yes. All right. And then I think we talked before about this, too, was like talking about giving them you know, like you said, kind of looking ahead at the week. Alright, guys, this is what we got. This is how we should attack this week. And let's see, maybe Tuesday, we have deadlifts in class, don't do day one, don't go day one on Tuesday as well maybe do that another day. So it's a it's a good way to like, you know, have have some feedback from you answer those questions. And also, you know, having you I think the big plus of this program is having that third day where it's like, Alright, now I come in and like, have you coach me, and then like, and then having that aspect of being like, Alright, this is what this next weekend a call for, you know, they get briefed by you, here's what your expectations are, and here's how we're gonna attack and and then the third, you know, that following next Saturday, when we brief again, you know, how did this past week go? You know, you hit everything, you know, and then, you know, let's brief debrief on that. Here's the next week, and then you get to do it as a group together. And it's just kind of that fun, fun stuff. Yeah. Awesome. Alright, so how would a member or non member anybody who wants to get into this program, I guess it's not limited to just numbers. But if anybody's listening this right now and says, Hey, I really want to get into this program. How do they register? They look at me like, Dave, this is you. Yeah, you tell a coach would give you the link, if you're not a member, hit the gym, send us a message on Instagram, Facebook, contact the gym, you can call us text us 2622184 or 507, that comes right to the gym line. If you want the program, I'll send you a link and then you can sign up right away. If you're out of state, I don't know how you'd be able to get on it here on Saturday, we can make something work, maybe Daniel have to do a zoom call with you. If you remember, basically, same thing you can tell a coach will get you registered up. Otherwise, if you go into your pushpress accounts, under events, it's in there too. They can get registered. Now I know everyone does this. It's like the day of like, I can't register like yeah, that registration closes when this class starts, we have to be able to do that in the backend. So here's what this program it's in there. Danny, what did we decide on price? When was pricing 7575? A person? Yeah, so 75, a person that gets you all four weeks, plus an additional four weeks of basically forced sessions, semi private sessions or classes specific to you with, with Coach Danny, to kind of go over it. So this is a I think it's a steal. I know that Shawn was like pumped up when you announced this. Oh, yeah. So I'm hoping that the members appreciate it too. Anything else that we should mention? Yeah, I'm actually very excited for this. But just because how we talked about this, this is a different way from you know, how crossfitters train, right? So I can't imagine a lot of people in the in the gym have trained like this. And so the idea you're going to lifting heavy weights is just always a badass thing. You know, you've just feel bad as confidence is gonna go up, you're gonna learn how to work hard. It's, it's gonna be a lot of fun. And I didn't we didn't mentioned it, right. But that last week or that Friday, you know, or that Saturday, right? If everyone whoever's joined in on this program, we're all just going to get into the gym and kind of find our one rep maxes. So that's gonna be a lot of fun. I can't wait for that. Yeah, that'd be, that'd be a good day to go. Let's just say like, I'm gonna register. And I mean, we'll do we'll do some little q&a, or like, you know, what ifs? What if I register for this program? And I only make, I can't make a Saturday like, Can I still go? Can I still join up? What do you think? Yeah, I don't see why you want as long as you're getting that Saturday done. The coaching comes in, you know, programs there for you. But if you want the, you know, a little more help, as Saturday is gonna be a great time to really try to figure out why we're doing these things and the purpose of it. So yeah, as long as you're doing it on your own, and I can you guys can even contact me off the side and ask about it as well. So yeah, there's no reason not to do it. Yeah, you can make it a Saturday. So I was talking to talking to you about it before it was like, Well, you know, somebody might say, well, I can't make a Saturday. I'm on Go on. Yeah, absolutely. Like you're here. Yeah. And everybody has your message, your number just text you or enorm pull you aside in class and be like, Hey, I can't make the Saturday but what would you What? What should I be doing? Yeah, do it do it there. So definitely, I think it's gonna be a fun program. hope everybody enjoys that and yeah, I'm excited to see some prs. Alright, what do you think of any anything else? Um, I think that's covering all the All right, well, we are We're excited to announce Danny's program starting in August or I'm sorry, October 3, I wish it was August, October through I can't we were already saying that but it's going to be getting colder. You know, we're already ordering up sweatshirts and sweatpants. So I mean, the minus, there's not much to do in October because usually it's a colder rainy or month. We're getting into those holiday years Munsell kind of strong. That's right, so get geared up right before the open going into November here. So I'm excited and we hope everyone else is so talk to you guys all later. If you have any questions, you can contact me or Korean or coach Danny to ask more questions, and I will see you guys on the next episode of the peak performance podcasts. Thanks for joining us this week on the podcast. If you wish to follow us. You can find us on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram at peak performance FF. Don't forget to subscribe to the show on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you like to listen to your podcasts while you're at it. If you found value in the show, we'd appreciate a five star review. Unless there's a problem. Shoot us a message first. If you can help us get our message out to others. Please share the show with a friend. Doing so helps us make more of an impact on people's lives. See you on the next episode.

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