Healthy Goals Take Work

Healthy goals are like an iceberg. Working out and the "fun" work is the part you see above the water. The food prepping and planning is..
Dave Yandel
December 21, 2020

Do you actually do what it takes to lose weight and be a healthier version of you, or do you focus on the tips of the iceberg and not all the things that go into the final goal?

The truth is there are far more components than are listed in this photo that ply a factor in losing weight because the way this is achieved is, put simply, through creating better habits and continuously improving on those habits.

Many times we see the progress someone has made so we’ll ask what program they followed, what supplements they take, if they intermittent fast, etc and will try to copy that instead of just focusing on improving our own current daily habits.

If we want the results, we have to put in the hard work. Need someone to guide you in improving your habits and creating new ones? Our health coaches are very well versed in this, DM us or visit our website to set up a consult today so we can get an idea of where you are at currently and propose a plan to move forward!

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