The New Bitcoin: Invest In Your Health And Wellness

Your health is a long term investment. It takes multiple deposits to see results.
Dave Yandel
December 21, 2020

Everyone wants to be the first to find the next big thing; to make a sound investment and reap the benefits of it in the future.  That’s great, we applaud you planning for the future.  But have you ever taken a step back to analyze what you are investing in?  Why not invest in yourself?  The future of your health and wellness?  Goodness knows you will surely see benefits from it.

When things get tough, or we hit a bump in the road, the focus on our own health is the first thing to get put to the side.  Why is that?

It could be cost related - a gym membership isn’t always cheap.  When money is tight it’s easy to see the financial benefit of cutting that cost.  It could be time related.  You may have a perception of being selfish or vain when you spend time on yourself.  But let’s break it down:

Yes.  There is an upfront cost to getting/being healthy.  But it is an investment in the beginning so other costs are lower later.  If you invest in your health NOW you are likely to spend less on medical bills, elderly care facilities, etc.  You need to take a step back and really examine the cost and benefit of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

In response to feeling selfish or vain...that’s just crazy.  Not only do you need to have time for yourself for your mental health.  Allowing yourself to be and get healthy will allow you to have more time and energy to give back to others.  If you are running on empty, how can you expect to continue to give to those around you?

The bottom line is you need to invest in your own health and wellness.  There is no shortcut.  But by doing so you will see incredible benefits in energy, mental clarity, health, and longevity.

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