Meet Our 2022 Scholarship Winners

Meet this year's 2022 Scholarship winners
Dave Yandel
December 21, 2020
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Hey FitFam! Thank you to all of our generous donors: Lynn P. James & Jamie Noffsinger and Dina Richmanwho

helping us give back to a members in need!

We had a few submissions this year and planned to split the funds between 3 lucky people, however only 2 elected to receive the funds.

We thank you for helping make PPFF an amazing place, and an ever more amazing place to share the gift of health & wellness and a community of belonging with everyone.

Meet our 2022 Scholarship Winners:

About Bry:

Bry has been going through a lot the past 2 years, and we believed that with everything she has been dealing with, the one thing she desperately needed was her gym family and a community of friendly faces to keep her afloat and to allow her to escape reality for a bit each day.

About Slade:

Slade is a struggling college student, who loves the gym for his mental and physical well being. He is paying for his own college tuition and his job is really only steady during the summer months. So during the winter moths, he struggles with choosing, gym, gas for his truck, or food. Slade said he refuses to give up the gym, and having a little extra in his pocket each month will help him not have to worry about "just getting by".

Thank you everyone who has helped support our efforts to give the gift of fitness to these 2 wonderful people this year!

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