Chris Miller

Chris Miller


Fran: 3:34

Murph: 41:43

Clean: 235

Muscle ups, hand stand walking, Hand stand push ups and Gymnastics in general.


Precision Nutrition Level 1

Certified ITF Taekwondo 3rd Dan Blackbelt

About Coach

Growing up, I played all kinds of sports; soccer, baseball, football were my favorites. I started to freestyle and folkstyle wrestling in middle school and honestly fell in love with combat sports during that time. I qualified for State all 4 years of high school and still hold a few high school records (Uncle Rico moment here). It was during this crucial time in my life that I fell victim to the pressures of some horrible nutrition advice (hey, that could be why I’m so tall!). I also have a 3rd degree Blackbelt in ITF Taekwondo and have instructed for many years.

Turning Point

I fell in love with CrossFit after seeing the Games on TV. I followed it for a few years while I started to go to the Gym for Bro-sessions only, and eventually, I dropped into a class at the then HPCF. Of course, I puked my first day. But since then I’ve really worked hard at developing new skills and learning everything I can about nutrition.

Motivation & Passion

I want to Coach the whole Athlete, where they are, and how they want to be coached. I want to give science-based advice that members can feel confident in.

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