Connor Goodno

Connor Goodno


Deadlift: 265lbs

Squat: 235lbs

5K: 18:30

Handstand Walk: 55 yards

Ran a marathon


ACE Personal Training Certification

About Coach

I grew up in Upstate, NY in a small house with a large plot of land. My brothers and I played various games outside all the time. I got into baseball at the age of 6 and played every spring. I also rode dirt bikes, as that was my Father's passion, but a large crash in elementary school put a stop to that (my mother sold our bikes). Some of my accomplishments early on were making all-star teams and earning MVP medals in little league tournaments. In high school, I only played baseball and received a scholarship to play at a community college. I played 1 year and decided it was time to hang it up. Throughout college, I stayed active and became interested in other athletic areas. Now, some of my passions include running, yoga, and practically any group exercise class. One of my biggest athletic achievements has been running a marathon in my own neighborhood.

Turning Point

One turning point I can think of in my life is during my marathon attempt. My goal was to do a total of 26.2 miles and I had my route mapped out exactly. Each loop around the block is 4 miles, so I decided to do the loop 6 times for a total of 24 miles. Then I knew where the mile marker was and the quarter-mile marker was so I had everything dialed in. So I'm running around my block a few times and I'm feeling fine. I pass my house at 16 miles and I'm surprisingly okay. Well, that next 4-mile loop was very difficult, and coming up to the 20-mile mark I was contemplating giving up. At that point in my life, I had a history of quitting almost everything I've done due to a lack of self-belief. I didn't believe in myself during my last few years in baseball, I dropped out of school a couple of different times, and I doubted myself with various other things. As I was coming up to my house I was torn with making a decision of continuing or stopping. At that moment, I remembered something a close friend said to me a few days prior and I mustered the courage to keep going. I forgot exactly what it was, but I remember it was something that brought back those self-defeating feelings and I was so sick and tired of feeling that way. Since that day, I've been fighting my enemy that is the thought that I'm not good enough or capable enough. I'm happy to say I won that day and I've been improving each day.

Motivation & Passion

I coach because it brings me tremendous joy to be involved in creating and maintaining habits that are worthwhile. Overcoming obstacles and facing fears in the gym is more important than people think. Not only is it so fulfilling to achieve physical goals as a consequence of the hard work we put in, but I believe the character we develop in the process is equally meaningful. I've struggled with self-belief my entire life and if I can help others believe in themselves, at least enough to take that next step forward, I feel like the world is a better place.

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