Corian Yandel

Corian Yandel

Owner; Client Success Manager; Health Coach


Crossfit L-1

Crossfit L-2

Pn Level1

Enrolled in Precision Nutrition Level 2


About Coach

I am what most would think of as a late bloomer to fitness. I played group sports growing up (mainly baseball/softball) but fell out after high school. As a young adult, I dived into a career in Law Enforcement and fitness was non-existent. I eventually realized that being healthy was not only important for my daily life but also my career. I found CrossFit in 2014 and fell in love. So much so that I rethought my life and what was important to me. I was 27 and it was life-changing to be around people who want to better themselves and live full healthy lives. I decided to switch careers and pursue health and wellness full-time. I fell in love with taking care of myself and seeing what I was capable of. I made the jump to a full-time career in June of 2015 and have never looked back since.

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

I grew up with little understanding of what healthy truly was. Food was not something to understand how it affected your body and going to the gym was just something you "should be doing" with no real meaning behind why. Coming from an area that seems to have higher priorities than health and wellness I am determined to help others find out what health and wellness can truly mean for them. I'm here for those who are ready to understand a lifestyle change that fits their goals and desires for a higher quality of life. Fitness and nutrition can be confusing and overwhelming and I want to help those who have a later start understand what it means and how best to optimize their habits and routines.

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