Daniel Cadena

Daniel Cadena



CrossFit Level 1 certification

About Coach

I don't have any athletic achievements, I didn't play sports growing up and I don't have any highlights. I was not one those kids that grew up in a competitive sports family. I liked playing video games and drinking monsters (still do but not as much). I wanted to enlist into the Military but was over weight by 40 pounds, so i joined a CrossFit gym and fell in love with working out and the process of bettering yourself.

Turning Point

Everyone has multiple turning points in their life but a few do stand out. For me, if we're being specific to fitness and being healthier a huge eye-opener was getting rejected by an Air Force Recruiter my senior year of high school. I was in an Air Force JROTC program in high school so I found it easy to choose the Air Force as the branch I wanted to enlist into. I called my local recruiter and told him I was interested in joining the Air Force. He said, "Okay, let me ask you a few questions." He asked me a couple of questions about my medical and drug history and if I had any tattoos. Then he got to his last two questions which were, "How tall are you and how much do you weigh." I answered "5'11 and 240 pounds." This recruiter told me " Yeah, you have to lose some of that" and immediately hung up the phone. I never felt so sad about how I looked and how I felt about myself. I was down for a couple of days but I thought to myself. If you want something the only person that will really help you achieve whatever it is you want, is yourself. No one was going to lose weight for me. So I did, I lost my 40 pounds and enlisted into the Marine Corps.

Motivation & Passion

I am not a cheerleader, I am a coach. I share with you how to do exercises and how to game plane workouts. After that, I believe you need to do the rest. I will make sure you don"t injure yourself and I will try my best to MOTIVATE you to continue pushing forward and achieving your goals. I coach because it fires me up when I see people progressing in the gym, if you're progressing in the gym that means your progress in life and that's the ultimate goal, to get you to be happier.

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