Dave Yandel

Dave Yandel

Head Coach | Co Owner

OH Squat 210

Front Squat 295

Back squat 345

DL 365

Snatch 195


CrossFit L2,

The Ready State Movement & Mobility Coach L2,

Gau-sha and Cupping,

CrossFit Mobility

About Coach

I was a former Law Enforcement Officer for 10 years. I got into LE to help others, thinking I could help make a bigger difference in the lives of others. Soon into my career, I learned that the job of a LE Officer isn't necessarily to "Help Others" or all it is cracked up to be. I began to search for other things to fulfill my desire to help others. I found CrossFit in 2014 and fell in love with the all-encompassing "Community" of like-minded people. People who shared the same health and wellness goals, who "Wanted Help" and longed for connection with others, all while working out together. When I found CrossFit I knew I wanted to be a bigger advocate to help bring this "Community" to others. My wife and I approached a few others with our plans and Ideas and we began to look into getting CrossFit certifications. After we began to Coach, we decided to take the leap and open our own Box in 2015 with our 2 business partners. We started with 1 CrossFit Box and our goal was to deliver exceptional Coaching services for "Fun" without necessarily taking a paycheck (we all kept our full-time jobs to start). After some early success, we were approached by a Local Gym in Racine to purchase them, and in 2017 we officially owned 2-CrossFit Boxes. After we made the purchase of the 2nd box, I walked away from my LE career to solely dedicate myself to the business and my customers. I no longer viewed the gym as my "Hobby" but more of a career path. in 2018, and 2019 we struggled with the gym's identity, and managing 2 gyms was just overwhelming. At the end of 2019, we made the hard decision to transition from a 2-gym model to each gym being owned and managed by 1 owner. Our business partner took the Kenosha location, and my wife and I took over Racine. We wanted the freedom to let each location thrive and develop into its own character without trying too hard to make them the same. In August of 2020, we rebranded our gym, and This is when Peak Performance Fitness Facility was born. To Cap off 2020... To begin 2021 PPFF will no longer be officially tied to the Kenosha location and each gym will be its' own sole entity. CrossFit has changed my life, and I am glad that I have been able to change the lives of others by showing them that fitness is not only hard work, but it can be fun, exciting, and welcoming!

Turning Point

I've always been pretty good at sports. Mainly played most sports for fun, and able to pick up any game and be "Decent" was something I enjoyed and never was shy about. Starting CrossFit was fun, but it was also a very humbling experience. I was always a gym rat. In the gym 5-6 times per week. Lifting, doing different routines. Thinking I was being "Healthy".... Doing my first CrossFit Workout I thought "Easy, it's just 10:00 of burpees, air squats and box jumps? No weights even?! No problem!" Within 1:00 into the workout I knew that this was a sport that was going to challenge, humble, keep me wanting more, and be a challenge that I needed to keep pushing. I began to equate all the workouts to real-life situations; a fight for your life, climbing a mountain, helping someone else, etc... I began to apply them to everyday life because in life we never know what any day or moment will bring us that we must respond to. The changing point in my life was finding CrossFit. Being humble in the beginning, and challenged.... but never once did anyone EVER make fun of me, or look down upon me. Everyone in the community embraced me, and tried to encourage me to be better! It was pretty inspiring to see this. Nowhere in life have I ever walked into a "Community" and be embraced without any prejudice or welcomed with open arms immediately.

Motivation & Passion

My purpose is to help others achieve their health & wellness through pain-free movement. To help athletes of all levels, move better without restrictions or pain using a variety of mobility techniques and corrective exercises to ensure they are moving to their bodies' fullest so they can enjoy their life and fitness to their fullest!

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