Rachel Kenney


Back Squat: 315
Front Squat: 270
Clean and Jerk: 240
Snatch: 180
Deadlift: 375
Max Unbroken Bar Muscle UPs: 20


Crossfit Level 1 certificate

Crossfit Scaling Course

USA gymnastics certified

About Coach

I’ve learned in life to chase your dreams. if you want it, go and get it. nobody can tell you what you can or cannot achieve. I moved halfway across the country to coach and become the athlete I am today. I am now living a very successful life and growing in more ways than I could imagine. I am working toward making higher-level CrossFit competitions/ the CrossFit games. I was a gymnast growing up and was a 4-time national champion/ state champion. I also played soccer in college and was a center mid.

Turning Point

the turning point for me would’ve been and my enemy would be my internal doubt with myself, and the people I surrounded myself around were never willing to grow. I drank and partied a lot. I was lost. then I found bodybuilding with my cousin and that saved my life and built me towards trying CrossFit. once I found Crossfit and it had gymnastics involved I was completely hooked and now here I am almost 5 years in and loving every aspect of it hoping to one day make it on the big screens.

Motivation & Passion

I just want to help save and change lives. I want to be a part of the reason someone accomplished their wildest dreams. I want people to feel what I feel when I accomplish something I never thought I could. that’s the beauty of it, always growing and always being 1% better than you were the day before.

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