Shawna Rule



Bachelor's in health coaching (like nutrition and life coaching smashed into one).

Level 1 CrossFit

5 years coaching/ personal training experience.

About Coach

Super active as a kid growing up in a small town so we got lots of opportunities. The opportunities that had the biggest impact on my life are volleyball, basketball, and track. I love drilling and putting my skills to the test, the constant pursuit of improvement. I went to three different highschool's which means I had many different coaches and many different types of coaching styles. I learned as much as I could. I continued to work out throughout college and thereafter. I started personal training in 2016 and shortly took over as the club manager. I did that for about 2 years. After moving back home I decided to get back into CrossFit and joined/started coaching at the local box. From there for my level 1 and started coaching right away. I loved it.

Turning Point

As I had mentioned, I learned from many coaches. Good and bad. When you have a coach who genuinely has your best interests at heart. One who wants to see you at your full potential and help you to get there, there is no turning back. Having that coaching experience changed my life and helped me to believe in myself. (Though at the time I had hardly any self-confidence, he helped me to feel like I was worthy of giving myself the chance to be good at something). There is nothing better than seeing an athlete achieve something they never thought they could. It's not just about goals at that point. It's about finding resilience by staying persistent and having the confidence to know that you can and will be your journey. That spark. We all have it.

Motivation & Passion

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